Please check back often information for 2018 will be added as it becomes available. 

Welcome to the St. Joe County 4H Horse & Pony Club.

Important Information you may need between now and the end of fair.

Clean up is this Sunday June 24th from 9 AM to noon. Please check in at the entry booth when arriving to sign in and select a job needing done. I will be sending out a list of supplies to bring later this week. 

Voucher Pick up, Stall Assignments and Tack Box Haul in Monday June 25th, Tuesday June 26th 6 to 8 PM at the Entry Booth.

Townships will be having their vet checks next week please check with your club leader as to the date, time and location. 

July 2nd 8-11 AM Horses move in. Please come in gate 1 check in with the gate person, proceed to the parking lot unload your horse and tack. Trailers must then leave the parking lot so others can get unloaded. Trailers exit to the west on the road along the Events Arena and through the campground. Trailers may park in the main fairground parking area for the day if you are not taking them home until evening. 

After you get your horse settled into their stall please come to the entry booth to turn in any paperwork you need to turn in and pick up your class list and number. Please double check your class list to make sure all classes you wish to show in are listed. It is your responsibility to check your class list.  If your would like to add a class you may add until 2 PM on Monday July 2nd. After the no classes can be added. You may scratch a class at any time. 

July 7th 8-11 AM Horses move out. The haul out procedure is the opposite of haul. Come in off York Rd. park in the main fairground parking area. Clean out your stall get your stall check out slip. Get your trailer from the main parking lot. Come to the Horse and Pony parking area get your horse and haul out gate 1. If you have a trailer in the camper area. Please exit and come back in off York Road.


2018 4H Enrollment

Enrollment will be open October 1st. Remember to enroll at the link below to be able to exhibit at the 2018 St. Joe County Fair.
Below please find the link and information for 4H enrollment below:
Online Enrollment is open at https://in.4honline.com 


If you are interested in sharing your time and talents with our club please see the Committees Page. We will begin sign-up for committees for the 2018 Fair year at the October Leaders Meeting. Parents and Senior 4H members are welcome to sign up for the committees.

Looking for more information on Indiana State 4H Horse & Pony? You can check them out at :
  • Facebook: Purdue Horse Extension
  • Twitter: @PurdueHorse
  • iTunes: Indiana 4-H Animal Science Programs
If you have any questions please contact us at sjc4hhorse.pony@gmail.com