Please check back often information for 2017 will be added as it becomes available. 

Welcome to the St. Joe County 4H Horse & Pony Club.


2017 4H Enrollment

Enrollment is open October 1st. Remember to enroll at the link below to be able to exhibit at the 2017 St. Joe County Fair.
Below please find the link and information for 4H enrollment below:
Online Enrollment is open at https://in.4honline.com 

Important Up Coming Dates for June - 
The grounds will be closed starting June 19th in preparation of the fair. Vet check only will be allowed the week of June 26th at the fairgrounds. 

County Clean up of the Horse and Pony Area Sunday June 25th 9-12 AM 

Voucher Pick up, Stall Assignments and Tack Box Haul in Monday June 26th, Tuesday June 27th & Wednesday June 28th 6 to 8 PM. 

There is a special pass pick up time for livestock only on Monday June 26th 6 to 9 PM. There are many other opportunities for livestock to pick up passes however all projects are included please see your clover bud times for complete dates and times

New Rules and Rules Changes for 2017

There is a new Indiana 4-H Horse & Pony Handbook. At this time it is not available on any website. If you would like to order a hard copy please send a check made out to St. Joe County 4H Horse & Pony Club for $5/book  to Julie Kawalski at 57198 Lake St Osceola, IN 46561 by March 10th. We will only be placing one order so make sure you get yours ordered.   

There were many changes in the new State handbook. They added Ranch classes and made illustrations easier to understand. There are two changes that are very important to note:

On page 31 under prohibited  Metal over bridge of horse's nose or poll, no matter how padded or wrapped. This is also repeated under each of the contesting classes as prohibited metal or cable nose bands.

On page 9 # 4  4-H animals exhibited after the animal ID deadline (April 1 for steers, and May 15 for all other animals) at any show by anyone other than the person whose 4-H enrollment record is connected to the ID of the animal in Indiana 4HOnline will not be eligible to be shown in the 4-H show at the Indiana State Fair. This term/ condition does not apply to siblings, who may show each other’s animals at any show during the year without jeopardizing State Fair eligibility. This policy applies to all 4-H animal projects. For animal projects without ID deadlines, the person who enters them in the Indiana State Fair 4-H show is the equivalent of the owner of the animals. 

This rule change now allows only siblings to show each other's animals. In the current St. Joe County Handbook the rule allows, parents, guardians, grandparents and mini's to show the 4Her's Animal and still be eligible for fair. Because of the state rule change the Leaders of the St. Joe County Horse & Pony Club have decided that St. Joe County will immediately adopt the state rule to avoid confusion and possible disqualification of the state fair if anyone other than a sibling shows the 4Her's animal. 

**After May 15th animals ID'ed to a 4Her on 4H online may not be shown by anyone other than a sibling to be eligible for the state or county fair.**

The following rules changes or new rules were approved by the St. Joe County Advisory Council for 2017.

Rule changes:

4a. All Equine 53” and up participating in pony classes need to be measured the morning of fair haul in by an official county measurer who is a current screened and approved 4-H Volunteer. Please note even aged animal’s height can change due to different shoeing techniques, laminitis and other issues not noted. If an animal is close to the 56” inch mark it is the members responsibility to ask the superintendent to have the animal’s height be checked before fair.

9. If a member has one animal signed up on 4H online by the state deadline and it dies or becomes unsound, the member may substitute another animal. If a member has multiple animals signed up on 4H online and one dies or becomes unsound, he or she must show one of the other animals he or she has signed up. The member may only bring one rideable animal to fair in the event of a substitution. Exception: If the one remaining is a yearling or weanling, he may then substitute a rideable animal.  Any substitutions must be approved by the 4H Horse and Pony Board of Directors and the member’s township leader.The member must provide a written statement, with verification from a veterinarian, that all vaccinations are current. The substitute animal must meet the Exhibition Rule #2a and the Leasing Rule #2. A member must provide a note from a veterinarian regarding the unsoundness of the animal. Any animal substituted may not be shown at State Fair or eligible for Team Tournament or the High Point Award. No substitutions may be made after the start of fair.

New Rules:

The barns close one hour after the completion of classes during fair week and reopen at 6 AM each morning.  Any 4Her found in the barns during this closure may face disciplinary penalties.

For safety reasons a 4Her may not use headphones, ear buds or other like type equipment when working with or riding their animal. 4Hers need to be alert and aware of the situations that may arise around them.


If you are interested in sharing your time and talents with our club please see the Committees Page. We will begin sign-up for committees for the 2017 Fair year at the October Leaders Meeting. Parents and Senior 4H members are welcome to sign up for the committees.

Looking for more information on Indiana State 4H Horse & Pony? You can check them out at :
  • Facebook: Purdue Horse Extension
  • Twitter: @PurdueHorse
  • iTunes: Indiana 4-H Animal Science Programs
If you have any questions please contact us at sjc4hhorse.pony@gmail.com