Important Information you may need between now and the end of fair.

Clean up is this Sunday June 24th from 9 AM to noon. Please check in at the entry booth when arriving to sign in and select a job needing done. I will be sending out a list of supplies to bring later this week. 

Voucher Pick up, Stall Assignments and Tack Box Haul in Monday June 25th, Tuesday June 26th 6 to 8 PM at the Entry Booth.

Townships will be having their vet checks next week please check with your club leader as to the date, time and location. 

July 2nd 8-11 AM Horses move in. Please come in gate 1 check in with the gate person, proceed to the parking lot unload your horse and tack. Trailers must then leave the parking lot so others can get unloaded. Trailers exit to the west on the road along the Events Arena and through the campground. Trailers may park in the main fairground parking area for the day if you are not taking them home until evening. 

After you get your horse settled into their stall please come to the entry booth to turn in any paperwork you need to turn in and pick up your class list and number. Please double check your class list to make sure all classes you wish to show in are listed. It is your responsibility to check your class list.  If your would like to add a class you may add until 2 PM on Monday July 2nd. After the no classes can be added. You may scratch a class at any time. 

July 7th 8-11 AM Horses move out. The haul out procedure is the opposite of haul. Come in off York Rd. park in the main fairground parking area. Clean out your stall get your stall check out slip. Get your trailer from the main parking lot. Come to the Horse and Pony parking area get your horse and haul out gate 1. If you have a trailer in the camper area. Please exit and come back in off York Road.

Important Up Coming Dates for June - 
The grounds will be closed starting June 19th in preparation of the fair. Vet check only will be allowed the week of June 26th at the fairgrounds. 

County Clean up of the Horse and Pony Area Sunday June 25th 9-12 AM 

Voucher Pick up, Stall Assignments and Tack Box Haul in Monday June 26th, Tuesday June 27th & Wednesday June 28th 6 to 8 PM. 

There is a special pass pick up time for livestock only on Monday June 26th 6 to 9 PM. There are many other opportunities for livestock to pick up passes however all projects are included please see your clover bud times for complete dates and times

New Rules and Rules Changes for 2017

There is a new Indiana 4-H Horse & Pony Handbook. At this time it is not available on any website. If you would like to order a hard copy please send a check made out to St. Joe County 4H Horse & Pony Club for $5/book  to Julie Kawalski at 57198 Lake St Osceola, IN 46561 by March 10th. We will only be placing one order so make sure you get yours ordered.   

There were many changes in the new State handbook. They added Ranch classes and made illustrations easier to understand. There are two changes that are very important to note:

On page 31 under prohibited  Metal over bridge of horse's nose or poll, no matter how padded or wrapped. This is also repeated under each of the contesting classes as prohibited metal or cable nose bands.

On page 9 # 4  4-H animals exhibited after the animal ID deadline (April 1 for steers, and May 15 for all other animals) at any show by anyone other than the person whose 4-H enrollment record is connected to the ID of the animal in Indiana 4HOnline will not be eligible to be shown in the 4-H show at the Indiana State Fair. This term/ condition does not apply to siblings, who may show each other’s animals at any show during the year without jeopardizing State Fair eligibility. This policy applies to all 4-H animal projects. For animal projects without ID deadlines, the person who enters them in the Indiana State Fair 4-H show is the equivalent of the owner of the animals. 

This rule change now allows only siblings to show each other's animals. In the current St. Joe County Handbook the rule allows, parents, guardians, grandparents and mini's to show the 4Her's Animal and still be eligible for fair. Because of the state rule change the Leaders of the St. Joe County Horse & Pony Club have decided that St. Joe County will immediately adopt the state rule to avoid confusion and possible disqualification of the state fair if anyone other than a sibling shows the 4Her's animal. 

**After May 15th animals ID'ed to a 4Her on 4H online may not be shown by anyone other than a sibling to be eligible for the state or county fair.**

The following rules changes or new rules were approved by the St. Joe County Advisory Council for 2017.

Rule changes:

4a. All Equine 53” and up participating in pony classes need to be measured the morning of fair haul in by an official county measurer who is a current screened and approved 4-H Volunteer. Please note even aged animal’s height can change due to different shoeing techniques, laminitis and other issues not noted. If an animal is close to the 56” inch mark it is the members responsibility to ask the superintendent to have the animal’s height be checked before fair.

9If a member has one animal signed up on 4H online by the state deadline and it dies or becomes unsound, the member may substitute another animal. If a member has multiple animals signed up on 4H online and one dies or becomes unsound, he or she must show one of the other animals he or she has signed up. The member may only bring one rideable animal to fair in the event of a substitution. Exception: If the one remaining is a yearling or weanling, he may then substitute a rideable animal.  Any substitutions must be approved by the 4H Horse and Pony Board of Directors and the member’s township leader.The member must provide a written statement, with verification from a veterinarian, that all vaccinations are current. The substitute animal must meet the Exhibition Rule #2a and the Leasing Rule #2. A member must provide a note from a veterinarian regarding the unsoundness of the animal. Any animal substituted may not be shown at State Fair or eligible for Team Tournament or the High Point Award. No substitutions may be made after the start of fair.

New Rules:

The barns close one hour after the completion of classes during fair week and reopen at 6 AM each morning.  Any 4Her found in the barns during this closure may face disciplinary penalties. 

For safety reasons a 4Her may not use headphones, ear buds or other like type equipment when working with or riding their animal. 4Hers need to be alert and aware of the situations that may arise around them.Here are a few important things you need to know now:

  • The vaccination requirements for horses that need to be done prior to attending any 4H events, such as practices, clinics and the county and state fair are  Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis, Rhinopneumonitis/EHV type 1 & 4, Influenza, Tetanus & Rabies. There is a form (you can find on the forms page of our website) that you must carry with your horse to these events. This is the same vaccine requirements as last year.

  • The Animal ID process that needs to be completed in the 4H online enrollment data base  by May 15thto be able to participate in the county and or state fair.

Complete information can be obtained from your leader or the County H&P website on the forms page.

Important Dates coming up:

April 2, 2016 Paperwork Day at the Esther Singer Building 10AM to 2 PM - This is the time to pick up forms, get questions answered and an opportunity to turn in the Data Entry Sheet, Team Tournament Application and Lease Forms. While at Paperwork Day take the time to walk through the Swap Meet also located in the Esther Singer Building. If you are interested in a booth, there is an information sheet on the County H&P website on the Area Horse Events Page or call Kim Ingle at 574-532-0463

April 18th 2016  Alternate Paperwork Day at the Esther Singer Building 6 PM to 7 PM

April 18th 2016 Deadline for the Data Entry Sheet, Team Tournament Application & Lease Forms

Please note that all forms can be found on the forms page. 


If you are interesting in helping work at the Swap Meet, this is an opportunity to fulfill your county work requirement, please contact in advance Kim Ingle at 574-532-0463 

Below are the important dates for 2015. Keep watching more to come...
(please notes dates are subject to change if there is a scheduling confict with use of the fairgrounds any changes will be posted as soon as they are known.)
January 15th      4H Enrollment deadline for 4H Exhibitors (to bring a horse to fair)
April 18th          Swap meet @ SJC Fairgrounds Esther Singer Bldg 10 AM - 2 PM
April 18th          Last day to obtain your horse or pony
April 18th          Paperwork pick up - Paperwork Day - Data Entry Sheet and Team Tournament paperwork turn in. 
                          Esther Singer Building 10 AM - 2 PM
April 20th          Alternate paperwork pick up Esther Singer Building 6-7 PM
April 25th         Due date for Data Entry Sheet & Team Tournament forms
May 1st             10 yr and final yr member information for Fair Program Book Due Date  
May 15th       Deadline for Horse Animal Identification in 4HOnline
May 16th          Reins of Life Contesting Show
May 17th          Reins of Life Pleasure Show
May 30th          Madison Show Contesting          
May 31st          County Pleasure Show
June 1st            Borton & Schafer Scholarship Form Due
June 1st & 2nd Class Sign up 6-8 PM @ the entry booth  
June 4th            Jumping Clinic @ Creekside Equicenter 7 PM 
June 5th & 6th  Greene Contesting Show
June 13th          County Contesting Show
June 14th          Jumping Clinic @ Creekside Equicenter 6 PM
June 20th         Centre Combined Show
June 28th         County Clean up @ SJC 4H Fairgrounds 9 AM - noon
TBA                  Tack Box Haul in 6-8 PM
July 6th            Horses move into Fair 8 - 11 AM
July 11th          Horses move out of Fair 8 - 11 AM
Aug 7th-23rd    Indiana State Fair
The Educational Clinics listed below are open to all St Joe County 4H Horse & Pony Members.
April 27th        Preparing your horse for the show season/General Horse Care
                        Speaker Hannah Barden
                        Faith Training Center
                        6:30 PM

April 30th        Preparing yourself for the show season/Dressing Nice for Less
                        Speaker Hailey Thorton
                        Fairington Apartments
                        Community Room

                                       Fairington Apartments/South Bend

                                       1220 E. Fairington Circle

                                       South Bend,IN. 46614

                        6:30 PM
                        Bring one OUTFIT with you

May 6th            Reining
                        Brett Walters
                        Walters Equestrian Center
                        2664 SR 10
                        Bourbon, IN 
                        6 PM
                        Do not bring your horse

May 7th            Fitting a Halter/What a judge looks for in Halter
                        Speaker Gary Klodzinski
                        St. Joe County Fairgrounds Horse & Pony Arena
                        7:00 PM
                        Bring your horse & Show Halter & Lead

May 18th         Trail
                        Speaker Jenelle Pogue
                        St. Joe County Fairgrounds Horse & Pony Arena
                        7:00 PM
                        Bring your horse

May 28th       Showmanship
                      Speaker Carolyn Niebalski
                      St. Joe County Fairgrounds Horse & Pony Arena
                       7:00 PM
                       Bring our horse & Show Halter & Lead

June 18th         Ambassador Pattern
                        Speaker Jenell Pogue
                        7:00 PM
                        St. Joe County Fairgrounds Horse & Pony Arena
                        Bring your horse

Additional topic clinics will be announce.

This page contains information that has been taken off of other pages when the date or deadline has passed.

Voucher Pick Up, Stall Assignments & Tack Box Haul In
Monday June 29th, Tuesday June 30th & Wednesday July 1st from 6 to 8 PM at the Entry Booth in the Fairgrounds.
This will be when you can pick up your voucher to get your hang tags & ids for entry to the fair as well as when you will receive your stall assignment and haul in your tack box. Please leave your tack at home as there is a lot going on at the fairgrounds. 

Fair Entry 
There is a new phase of the 4H online system that has rolled out. It is the Fair Entry for classes at the St. Joe County Fair. You may have seen this on Facebook, you should have gotten an email about it from the extension office and postcards were mailed out.  Fair Entry is quick and easy, the 4Her selects the type of class (exp contesting) and the contesting classes are listed. All of our class numbers are in () behind the description. The 4Her is responsible for entering in the fair entry system all the classes that they will be participating in, at the county fair. Any classes that are added or changed with horse & pony, after they enter it, must be changed in their fair entry system too. Horse & Pony members will be allowed to change or add classes until July 6th at 2 PM just like with our horse & pony system.  The address for the fair entry system is  If you have any questions or problems arise please contact the Extension Office at 574-235-9604

Check out our new pages: Fundraisers & Educational Clinics

Photo ID Information
It time to start thinking about Pictures for our Photo ID's for fairweek.
All Members & Parents New to 4H will need their pictures taken.
All New Leaders & Significance Other will need their picture taken.
All 3rd, 6th & 9th graders will need new pictures taken.
Pictures will be taken in the Superintendent's Office at the Fairgrounds.       
            April 23rd 5-7p
            May 4th 6-6:30p
            May 5th 5:30-6:30
            May 11th, 12th, & 13th 4:30-6:30p
            May 14th 4:30-7p
            May 19th 4:30-7p
            May 21st 6-7:30p
            June 1st 4:30-7p
            June 6th 10a-12p
            June 22nd 4-7p

All Horse and Pony Animals must be entered into 4HOnline no later than May 15th to be eligible to exhibit at the County or State Fair. There is a link on the Purdue 4H Horse Project Information page of this website with complete instructions and information. This is not in the County Project Manual so please help pass the word. If you have questions please contact your leader or call the extension office at 574-235-9604

Vaccine Requirements & Vaccine Clinics
Information can be found on the Vaccine Clinics Page of this website. The form can be found on the Forms Page.

There is a state new vaccine requirement for 4H Horse & Pony effective for 2015. This is different than what is in our county rule book, however state rule takes presidence over ours. Horses now need Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis, Rhinopneumonitis/EHV type 1 & 4, Influenza, Tetanus & Rabies. The form must be filled out with a receipt attached and be taken to all 4H events (educational events, practices, county & state fair).  4H Sponsored Horse shows, that are open to everyone, the vaccine requirement would not be necessary. As for the due date of the vaccines they must be given before the horse can attend any 4H event. So with practices beginning in April this moves things up. The form can be found on the forms page. 
Indiana State Fair Horse Registration for 2014.
Horse Registration for State Fair will be an online enrollment again this year. This is only for horses going to state fair. The deadline for State Fair Horse Registration is May 15th, 2014. In order to enroll you must either have your member id number and password or your exact name, phone number and password you used enrolling for 4H. If you do not know this information you can call the extension office at 574-235-9604 between 8:30 AM & 4:30 PM. Please do not wait until the last minute to try and get your information.
The complete guide for online state fair horse registration can be found on the forms page.

Rule Changes 
The following rule changes have been approved for the 2014 4H season:

3. Members have until Horse Registration to register their animal to be eligible for the County Fair. Horse registration dates will be posted by March 1st on the county website ( or available from your leaders.  State Fair registration is now completed online with the state. Please see their rules regarding the deadline dates.

3a  Animals registered after Horse Registration will not be eligible to show at the County Fair. Members may complete the project at the county level without an animal as long as their record sheets are complete and turned in.

New Rule

Horse and pony exhibitors may administer federally approved drugs but are subject to the drug levels and withdraw times established by the United States Equestrian Federation. Guidelines for Drugs and Medications can be found at www.USEF.ORG or by calling 800-633-2472.

Drugs or medications administer to the animals must be disclosed on the animal affidavit that is turned in the 1st day of fair along with a letter from the prescribing vet that the animal has been prescribed the drug or medication and is under his/her care.

Animals put on drugs or medications by a vet during fair week must also follow the Guidelines of the United States Equestrian Federation. A written notification from the prescribing vet that the animal has been prescribed a drug or medication and is under his/her care needs to be turned in within 1 hour to the Horse & Pony Board of Directors to be attached to the animal’s affidavit.

If you have questions about the above rules please see your leader.

All Campers that were in the lottery got a camper spot this year. Camper Haul in times are 8-11 AM Monday June 30th. Please be patient as this is also the same time as horse haul in. Also campers will be located in a new spot this year and it might take a little longer backing them all in. Thanks in advance for you cooperation!!

Fair is just right around the corner!!!
Coming up in the next few weeks:
County Clean up - June 21st 4-6 PM
If you are still needing your county work time to qualify for lottery stalls and club sponsored awards please be sure to attend!
Tack Box Haul In, Stall Assignments & Voucher Pick up - June 23rd & 24th 6-8 PM
Come to the entry booth to receive your stall assignment and voucher to pick up your fair passes and hangtag. Information and times for picking up passes can be found Purdue 4H Horse Project Information page on the 2014 pre-fair newsletter. (this was also mail to each household)
Fair Horse Haul in - June 30th 8 to 11 AM
After you get your horse settled in from arrival, come to the entry booth to turn in any paperwork you need to and pick up your number and class schedule. Remember to check your class schedule very carefully, class additions and corrections can only be made until 2 PM on Monday, June 30th. Additions to Monday's classes must be made by 11 AM.

Hoosier Horse Fair Clinics
On the area horse events page you will find an application for 4-H members to participate in clinics at the Hoosier Horse Fair and Expo. There is a special clinic on Speed Events also being offered. The Horse Fair has extended the deadline for 4-H members past March 1, this is a great opportunity for 4-H members.
The new 2014 Indiana 4H Horse & Pony Handbook is now available at the following link:
There are lots of changes so take a look. 
Time to sign up for Classes!
June 2nd & 3rd from 6 to 8 PM is class sign up at the Entry Booth.
Camper lottery forms are due at this time. The Camper Lottery Form can be found on the forms page. Forms will also be available at class sign up.

**New this year sign up for all the classes you would like to participate in. Class additions can only be made until 2 PM Monday June 30th. Classes can be deleted at anytime.

Go out to dinner and help our horse & pony club.
Thanks to everyone who attended the fundraiser at Five Guy on Eddy Street.
On May 20th there will be a Fundraiser for St. Joe County 4H Horse & Pony Club at Erskine Village Hacienda!
Please find the coupon you will need for the credit of the sale to go to our club on the forms page. Gift cards can also be purchased.
Swap Meet & Horse Registration
April 12th, 2014 from 10 AM to 2 PM the annual Swap Meet and Horse Registration (paperwork day) will be held. This is also the date animals must be obtained by to be eligible to show at the 2014 County Fair.
The Annual Swap Meet Flyer can be found on the area horse events page.

There will be a fundraiser on April 17, 2014 at Five Guy on Eddy Street procedes go to SJC 4H Horse & Pony Club. Watch for coupons at the Swap Meet & Horse Registration. Information on how the fundraiser works can be found on the Leaders Information page.

Watch the Important Dates Page. The Horse Show Dates for 2014 have already been added. More dates will be added as they become available.
 Leaders we have been invited to a Horse & Pony Workshop on March 1st- look on the Leader's Information Page for all the details.
From the Home Page
A Quick look at June 2013 -
Borton & Shafer Scholarship Forms Due - June 1st
Madison Contesting Show - June 1st
Class Sign Up - June 3rd & 4th
County Contesting Show - June 8th
County Pleasure Show - June 9th
Greene Combined Show - June 15th
Open Leaders Meeting - June 17th
Jumping Clinic - June 20th
Liberty Twp Mini Show/Creekside Speed Show - June 22nd
County Clean up - June 23rd
Vouchers Pick Up, Stall Assignments & Tack box drop off - June 24 & 25 6 -8 PM
Information and Application for the 2013 Indiana Quarter Horse Association 4H Horse Award Information can be found on the forms page. Check it out!!!!
Madison Twp 4H Horse & Pony Club will be hosting a Ranch Horse Demonstration June 18th 6 PM to 7 PM at the St. Joe County Fairgrounds Horse & Pony Arena. All are invited to attend this demonstartion.
Camper lottery forms need to be turned in at class sign up ( June 3rd & 4th). The drawing for the lottery camper spots will be at the June leaders meeting (June 17th). The form can be found on the forms page. Additional information can be found on the form.
Patterns have been added for the County Pleasure show they can be found on the showbills page.
June 23rd we will be have a grounds clean up at the SJC Fairgrounds Horse Area. This will be from 8 - 10 AM. Please bring rakes, shovels, a weedeater, wheelbarrels. We will be cleaning up stalls, pulling weeds, weedeating and other general clean up.
The 2013 Horse & Pony Newsletter has been mailed! A copy can be found on our forms page.
Please check out the Important Dates Page for enrollment, horse show dates and any other date important to the horse and pony project.

Below please find the link and information for 4H enrollment below:

Online Enrollment is open at 

State Fair Registration ***NEW THIS YEAR*** - Horses going to state fair will need to register online. The website link and a guide to help you can be found on the Purdue 4H Project Information Page of this Website. Deadline May 15th

We have added a page to our Website - Jumping Clinic Information. Please check this page for information on the up coming jumping clinics.
Information on the 2013 Garrett Borton & Craig Schafer Scholarships have been posted on the Scholarship Information Page.
A Quick look at May 2013 -
10 year & last year information due for fair program book - May 1st
Advertisments due for fair program book - May 1st
Reins of Life Contesting Show - May 4th
Reins of Life Pleasure Show - May 5th
State Fair Registration deadline - May 15th
Jumping Clinic - May 16th
Vaccine Deadline - May 18th
Open Leaders Meeting - May 20th

Below please find the link and information for 4H enrollment below:

Online Enrollment is open at

Very Important!!!!! Please read the following!!!!!

The County 4-H Advisory Board approved the motion for an Exhibitors Deadline for the 2013 County Fair. All exhibitors must be enrolled including the $15.00 State Program Fee paid prior to March 1st 2013. This date has changed this year please plan accordingly.

St. Joe County 4H Horse & Pony Tack Swap Meet information can be found on the Area Horse Events Page. Please plan to attend April 13th at the St. Joe County Fairgrounds.

County Horse Registration will be held April 13th at the SJC 4H Fairgrounds Esther Singer Building for 10 AM to 2 PM County Horse Registration Form is Due April 15th with both member and parent signatures complete. All other forms and information will be available for pick up. 

Please take a look at this link for helpful information on managing horses during times of drought.
The Important Dates for 2012 have been posted on the Important Dates page.
State Fair Registration Infomation Due July 1st, 2012 - registration infomation is available on the Area Horse Events.
Monday June 25, Tuesday June 26, Wednesday June 27 from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

You may get your stall assignments, vouchers and bring in tack boxes at the above time only. After that, you will need to bring in your tack boxes when you bring your horse on Monday July 2, 2012. You will not receive your voucher until you or your parent has signed up for a two hour work shift for the week of Fair. Vouchers may be turned in for your Photo ID packets during the posted hours in the Cloverleaf Times. It is your responsibility to get your Photo ID pictures taken during your posted Twp times. Don’t wait until the fair week.

There is a new Vet Check form it is available on the forms page. Vaccination record such as a vet receipt, vaccine certificate, vaccine receipt plus lot number need to be attached to this form when turning in. Vaccine deadline was May 18th . Leaders must sign this form verifying the infomation correct and the form is attached. ***LEADERS MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING THE NEW FORM FOR YOUR TWP VET CHECK***



MONDAY JULY 2ND 8:00am - 11:00am *** NO EXCEPTIONS ***

Must have a valid vet check on file. No horse will be allowed without a valid vet check within seven days of fair. Check with your township leaders. All horses will be checked in at Gate #1.

Enter through Gate #1 (Horse and Pony Gate) - park in gravel lot, unload, then exit west, past the old horse arena. Please be considerate of fellow horse and pony families, and exit the unloading area as soon as possible. You may park your trailer in the General Parking Lot, and walk back in for the day.

You will turn in your animal affidavit and record sheet at the Entry Booth and be given your Show Number and Class Printout. It is your responsibility that all your information and classes are correct.

Camper Haul In Information: If you received a camper spot in the camper lottery campers may be brought in during Haul in on Monday July 2nd from 8 - 11 AM. You may be asked to wait or go around the block again as this will be a very congested area with horses being unloaded and trying to get all the campers in. Please use patience having a camper at the fair for the week will be worth the effort.


Saturday July7th 12:00pm - 2:00pm *** NO EXCEPTIONS ***

Enter through Gate #8 (off York Rd) - and park in general parking. You will be allowed to walk into the grounds from this point. Once the Awards Program is over, clean your area and stall. We will begin releasing a controlled number of trailers with clean stall slips up on the gravel lot to load. Please be patient as we all want to leave after a long week. Only those with clean stall slips will be allowed up to the gravel lot to load. Once loaded, you will be asked to leave the lot promptly to allow additional trailers up. Please do not park any cars in the gravel lot on Saturday, as it will be reserved for loading.




Have horses fed and watered, and stalls cleaned by 8:30am.

Exercise and provide fresh water several times a day.

Show up to your classes on time.

Show up for your scheduled work shift on time.

Have horses fed and watered before leaving the fairgrounds each evening.


Parking Passes - Leaders are required to have a voucher to receive their parking pass and photo id to the fair this year. Diane Fox, Horse & Pony Superintendent, will be passing these out Monday June 25th, Tuesday June 26th and Wednesday June 27th for 6 - 8 PM at the entry booth. At this time you will also have to sign the Behavioral Expectations form. If you have not signed up for your 2 hour work shift you will be able to do this at that time too.