St. Joe County 4-H Horse & Pony Club has many opportunites for parents, senior 4-H Horse & Pony members, Leaders and Leader Helpers to share their time and talents with our club. The following committees are looking for help:

Awards Committee - responsible for the numerous awards. Kathy Wolff & Dana Vanlue - Co-Chairperson

Barns & Grounds Committee - responsible for keeping the barns, grounds and arena in satisfactory condition. Jim Jackson & Glen Borton - Co-Chairperson

Fundraising/Sponsorship Committee - responsible for planning and directing fund raising activities. Julie Kawalski - Chairperson

Ring Committee - responsible for maintaining all show equipment, set up of classes, the timer and grooming of arenas during the county show and fair week. Also responsible for working in the ring during contesting events. Brandon Patrick- Chairperson

Show Committee - responsible for maintaining paperwork, class entries..etc for the fair. Also repsonsible for conducting of classes, judge arrangements at the county show and the ribbons. Cody Shonkwiler - Chairperson

Team Tournament Committee- responsible for tracking points/times, sending in the application, county theme and organize the team for the event. Mary Kinney - Chairperson

Swap Meet Committee- responsible for the organization and set up and clean up of the annual swap meet - Kim Ingle Chairperson

Clinic Committee - responsible for making arrangements for educational clinics for the 4Her's. Tina Denham - Chairperson

If you are interested in serving on any of the above committees please contact one of the Board of Directors or e-mail us at